Did Theon Make the Right Decision on 'Game of Thrones'


The latest episode of Game of Thrones titled "Stormborn" revealed that there is, in fact, a way to design a weapon powerful enough to kill a dragon. The bad news is that we had to watch women die violently, so no cheers for Euron.

In return, she promises, "If you ever betray me, I will burn you alive". So Euron's overtaking of his niece and her partners from Dorne was not only epic, it was a welcome reminder that there is still a long road and a tough war to be fought before the good guys (meaning Dany and Jon and Tyrion, of course) can achieve victory. The dragons tend to weight the odds too heavily in Dany's favor (they are to her military what Harry Potter is to the rest of the Gryffindor quidditch team), so the show needs to at least create the illusion of their vulnerability for the outcome to not seem inevitable.

Jon's departure sets into motion a couple arcs that have been cued up for awhile. That'll be the Unsullied army invading Casterly Rock, then.

The other big move of the week came in the North, as Jon Snow accepted Daenerys' invitation to come to Dragonstone and chat about how they're going to deal with Cersei. It also saw Daenerys emerging more as "tyrant" than "savior" in this episode. Although his allies, including Sansa, protest, Jon insists he must go, and tells Sansa that she will rule Winterfell in his absence. And "while some viewers might balk at the idea of taking time away from vital plot" for this, Aliza Weinberger explains why the scene was "arguably vital". And another major moment for Jon when he chokes Littlefinger for presumption.

The Citadel Jorah Mormont, whose greyscale now covers most of his upper body, is being examined by Archmaester Ebrose, while Samwell looks on.

While in the woods, Arya is surrounded by a pack of wolves, including a huge dire wolf. She was meeting with Daenerys, Yara Greyjoy, and Ellaria Sand, deciding how to use their combined forces. When the wolves surround Arya and her horse, it is tense before Arya recognizes Nymeria and talks her down. Though Melisandre told Dany that she believes both she and Jon will have an important role to play together, that doesn't necessarily mean the Dragon Queen will listen.

According to the Independent Beniof said Arya wants Nymeria to come back home with her and be her loyal companion again. He eventually abandon the ship, leaving his sister to the merciless mercy of their mad uncle. Ellaria Sand, who once poisoned Cersei's daughter, also stands in front of Stormborn along with Olenna Tyrell.

Euron (aka Thrones' very own Jack Sparrow) proves he really is the best captain in the 14 seas by capturing Yara and slaughtering her fleet easily. Will she demand a strong answer to Euron's decimation of her fleet?

After helping Sansa escape from Ramsay Bolton, it looked like poor Theon Greyjoy was finally going to kick his image as a groveling, disloyal little worm.