Easy charm evident in 'Girls Trip' to The Big Easy


Previously, Pinkett Smith also talked about her rough upbringing and how it shaped the way she chose to raise her children, Jaden and Willow - without worrying about those who disapprove. You wait for her to trip, but she doesn't; neither does the movie. I went to dinner with Jada and her husband.

Like "Rough Night" a little over a month ago, I love movies about girlfriends, because like it's supposed to, I love to sit back and pretend what me and my girlfriends would do in the same situations.

While on its surface, Girls Trip (starring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish in a star-making comedic turn) follows in the footsteps of Hollywood's women-behaving-badly reaction to Hangover films, it easily tops its predecessors. They're gathering at the behest of their Queen Bee, Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall), for a weekend of shenanigans, displays of bodily fluids suggested and overt, recriminations, and some sisterly affirmations. Invited to keynote at Essence Magazine's New Orleans conference, she sees a chance to reconnect with her three college besties - the Flossy Posse.

Everyone has their goals: Sasha needs to score that one golden scoop that will keep her blog from going under, Lisa needs to break a two-year sexual dry spell, Dina needs to maintain a steady BAC greater than.1 percent. Is Ryan's marriage really so flawless? "It wasn't that at all", she said. "And you know, we're just not quitters". Certainly the brand of humour won't be for everyone (I think in polite society the scene where a homeless man presses his genitals against a motel window would be called "explicit"). "You have to live with what is right and true for you". Might she be the coolest mom ever? This is a film that will leave a smile on your face for hours, and sharing this experience with people who also are smiling from ear-t0-ear makes it all the more fun.

"That particular scene was just like, yes!" According to Haddish, Will was excited and said, "Whoa, it's been years since I've been in a regular auto". "I really like to do things that I'd never done".

The women in "Girls Trip" are so distinct and well-drawn, they're universally relatable.

The movie places the women at Essence Fest for a mix of drunken shenanigans and empowerment, which means set pieces predicated on oral sex tutorials or spraying urine bump up awkwardly against starstruck footage of Ava DuVernay, Terry McMillan, Morris Chestnut, and an impressive array of musicians (including Common, Maxwell, Faith Evans, Ne-Yo, and Estelle, among others). That a 37-year-old black woman happens to be occupying that space is a small, but reassuring sign of progress in pop culture (the same week that a practically all-male, all-white prestige war flick is opening, no less). The girls of "Girls Trip" prove that women can be many things: powerful, naughty, gross, hilarious and sexy, while still lifting each other up.

Yesterday she explained is revealing more of her story now so that people can better understand what it was all about. Girls Trip hews closely to that line and is therefore, by default, better than its counterpart from his summer, Rough Night.