Redskins president Bruce Allen addresses Kirk Cousins situation


Cousins will make $23.9 million next season under the tag. Otherwise, Cousins could end up somewhere else, whether he is traded this season or opts to leave in free agency a year from now. And the company line is that they want Cousins to be their quarterback for years to come. I was nearly worn out, if you will, before the season started, because I had pushed so hard to be top of my game in OTA one, and training camp practice one, and preseason game one. Whether Washington or Pittsburgh can use this extra time to sort out contractual differences remains to be seen, but it certainly adds some more headlines to follow as training camps approach. There are reports - including a statement from the Redskins themselves - that the team offered a record-setting deal to the quarterback.

Derek Carr's Raiders extension included $40M in full guarantees and $70M in total guarantees, so Cousins indeed would have had a deal right up there near the top of the quarterback salary hierarchy.

The Redskins placed the franchise tag on Cousins in February to prevent him from becoming an unrestricted free agent.

After that, things get slightly more complicated.

By the sound of it, Cousins is completely OK with the limited security the franchise tag offers. Even if good faith long-term contract talks that don't paint the player as greedy had been going on, it would help if a key person in the Redskins' organization could call Cousins by the proper first name. It was the second-straight year that the franchise tag was used on Cousins. It will be interesting to see how the quarterback performs this season without Sean McVay as his offensive coordinator for the first time in three years (McVay is now the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams). Depending on the deal, though, fans could turn on Cousins and root for the team to let him walk, if his future contract was indeed the richest in football.

Most offseason scrutiny has focused on Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, who was franchised for the second consecutive year. "They would come to the table with more than $55 million in cap space". Without a recent breakthrough in negotiations, the latter scenario is widely expected to unfold, which would see Cousins earn almost $24 million in guaranteed money this term.