Jaguar E-Pace revealed as all-new small SUV


Perhaps also a reason the E-Pace can be specified with 21-inch wheels.

That's why Jaguar has started pricing from as low as £28,500 in the United Kingdom, which makes it the company's cheapest SUV ever. Production will be strengthened by Chery Jaguar Land Rover's plant in Changshu, China.

Jaguar Land Rover is renowned for creating SUVs that get stuff done, and that's the case with the E-Pace too. And while the familiar mesh radiator grille means the E-Pace is unmistakeably a Jaguar, its headlights are more rounded and higher-set the F-Pace's, helping it establish its own identity.

Jaguar has launched its new E-Pace small SUV in dramatic fashion - with the world's longest barrel roll.

The auto and driver set the record for the furthest barrel roll completed in a production vehicle, and months of testing was completed in order for the jump to run smoothly.

The E-Pace is the newest member of the Jaguar SUV family, joining the all-electric I-PaceConcept and the 2017 World Car of the Year victor, the Jaguar F-Pace, which was launched in 2015 with a Guinness record of its own, the loop-the-loop. The overall size of the newly launched Jaguar E-Pace is 4.4 meters long bringing it on par with the Audi Q3 model. The 2018 Jaguar E-Pace models will arrive in dealerships in the beginning of 2018.

"This awesome feat really was a sight to behold".

"This awesome feat really was a sight to behold", said Pravin.

When it comes to smart driving assistance there's plenty in the E-PACE to help make it nearer to a self-driving vehicle so you can relax on the road more. To use the obligatory cat analogy, it's more of a Jaguar cub than an adult big cat. "A Jag should never look aggressive".

Stunt driver Terry Grant was behind the wheel of the E-Pace as it earned a Guinness World Records title for the furthest barrel roll in a mass-produced vehicle.

Stylistically speaking, this new SUV appears to have more in common with the F-Type sports vehicle than the F-Pace sport utility, with plenty of design cues pulled from the latest version of the handsome two-door. The side windows look like an arabesque.

Power will come exclusively from Jaguar's new Ingenium 2.0-liter turbo-four, with a nine-speed automatic getting exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. It'll be offered in two flavors: one making 246 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque, and one making 296 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque.

The system re-engages the rear axle in just 0.3 seconds if the system detects road conditions changing. E-Pace rides on a modified version of the platform that underpins the Range Rover Evoque. A gesture-controlled boot release is also offered, so waving your foot under the rear bumper will see tailgate to lift up - a boon for those times when your hands are full. Drivers can choose between four driving modes, which include Normal, Dynamic, ECO, and Rain, Ice, and Snow.

There's a new 10-inch Touch Pro tablet that acts as the car's infotainment system, and lets you control contacts, music, and vehicle and navigation options. The dashboard is crystal clear with little clutter of any sort.