Thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks seized all over SoCal


Fireworks that are illegal in Sacramento County are legal in other states and Mexico, and people buy them and bring them here for use, said Lynne Tolmachoff, a spokesperson for Cal Fire.

The fireworks reignited in the plastic container and set the porch on fire that morning, Killian said. People displaced by the fire are being helped by the Boise FIrefighters Burnout Fund. He added that the city may also have to engage in "more targeted enforcement" of illegal fireworks next year.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue reported responding on Tuesday to 409 calls, 127 which were fire related.

However, Sacramento City Fire says that overall there were less fires and less calls than previous year. "As firefighters worked to put the fire out, the party continued their use of the illegal fireworks".

St. Louis Fire Chief says they knew they were going to be busy for the 4th of July celebrations as fire fighters responded to 335 calls and of those calls 13 building fires. The fire did an estimated $25,000 in damage, officials said. That fire caused about $80,000 in damage.

"Many of these folks are otherwise law abiding, normal go to work eight to five, come home to family type folk and see July 4th season as an opportunity to selfishly obtain some extra cash", said Don Macalpine, Deputy Fire Marshall. No injuries were reported from those inside the house. "I mean the sounds were like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and it was just like I mean we're celebrating our independence".

Most, Hunter said, were caused by careless behavior with fireworks.

He says first responders were there in minutes, and it didn't appear that anyone was hurt.

Cheryl Wessling, the city's acting director of communications, said at least 500 of those online reports were made Tuesday night.

Huntsville Hospital also said they saw no firework related injuries in the main Huntsville E.R last night.