Protesting Medicaid cuts led to arrest in Washington


We have a real opportunity to help the American people and I'm optimistic that we can find a solution that addresses the failings of our current health care system. This bill will end up causing millions of people to lose health insurance, will raise premiums for nearly everyone, and will end coverage of many essential health benefits.

As a former member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, I understand the urgency of getting legislation passed - especially as the midterms near. Salaries for school nurses, therapists, immunization services, and hearing and vision screenings are all funded directly or through reimbursements from Medicaid, Brown reports. Under traditional Medicaid, the federal share ranges from 50 to 75 percent - which means that today an able-bodied single man gets a greater share of federal Medicaid funds than a disabled child. The Senate bill's provisions include a health care tax cut for corporations, significant reductions in Medicaid spending and tax credits to offset the cost of health care. Without MaineCare, family caregivers would not be able to support their loved one at home. However, full funding never materialized. Proposed changes will only make things worse. Medicaid is a health insurance program for low-income children and adults, pregnant women, seniors in nursing homes and people with disabilities.

Fortunately, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell was unable to round up the votes to pass this misbegotten legislation before the Senate adjourned for its July 4 recess, a recess he probably felt the Republican senators had earned after working so hard in an effort to inflict so much damage on the American people. Molmen also said he didn't support the bill but described the interwoven health care and insurance industries as "incredibly complex", a sentiment echoed numerous times throughout the two-hour roundtable. Planned Parenthood in California treated 748,000 patients past year alone. ME is old and getting older.

While this is only an illustration, it's fair to say they would take a pocketbook hit. So a few of them - along with President Trump - have resurrected an absurd strategy: repeal, then hope to replace in the future. A high-risk pool defies the premise of insurance.

Lydia Tackett, an educator from Fargo in her early 30s, said she has witnessed a "sea change" among her peers in their perceptions of health insurance. I think of the conversations we have had, when they tell me about their passions, their journeys, struggles, and victories.

There are also technical difficulties to overcome. It's an industry that touches the lives of every American.