Modi to Hold Mass Rally for Indians in Israel


He pointed out that Modi's visit to Israel will be a "historic visit to Israel". Back in October of 2015, Pranab Mukherjee became India's first president to visit Israel since diplomatic ties were established in 1992. Its perseverance seems to be paying off now as Modi wants to end this trend and the symbolism of his visit, which comes after 25 years establishing diplomatic ties, is important to underscore the departure from past practice. In 2013, exports of goods and services to India fell sharply, by 13%, and this was not a one-time blip.

There are estimated 100,000 Jews of Indian origin in Israel. Even before these ties were formalised, Congress led government had approached Israel for military know how during the 1962 war with China, 1965 war and in 1971 with Pakistan.

The USA is the closest ally of Israel.

According to reports, Modi is expected to land at the Ben Gurion Airport outside Tel Aviv on Tuesday afternoon initiating a game-changing process involving India's public and political approach towards dealing with Israel.

India was already facing the trauma of partition on religious lines, ravaging its geographies, and Nehru, probably, could not support another country's partition on religious lines.

France (June 2-3): Modi met President Emmanuel Macron as part of the four-nation visit to Europe aimed at increasing the bilateral ties.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi view a reconstructed Jewish synagogue from India at the Israel Museum July 5 2017
Modi to Hold Mass Rally for Indians in Israel

"In addition, Israel will also help the state to develop a water grid in the Marathwada region", he said. It has been a vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause, even as it quietly pursued ties with Israel. And that is when when Israel and India started communicating at strategic levels.

"I look forward to holding extensive talks with my friend, @IsraeliPM @netanyahu, who shares a commitment for vibrant India-Israel ties", he had tweeted. In fact, an unstable Trump regime in the United States has Israel anxious and its strategic think-tanks are considering India as an important alternative.

That said, PM Modi has also hosted Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in May 2017, just ahead of his Israel visit, in an effort to hush the whispers in the worldwide circles that India would be abandoning the Palestinian cause altogether.

India and Israel also joined hands for its biggest military collaboration the Barak 8 missile system which is an anti-aircraft missile system. The project promotes joint development of crops and techniques in keeping with the local Indian needs and challenges. The three deals include the acquisition of 164 "Litening-4" targeting pods to be used by the Indian Air Force and an undisclosed number of Spice 250 precision guided bombs with a standoff range of 100 kilometers (62 miles).

It also spoke of parallels between the two governments on their views about what "national identity" constitutes. India, given its huge population has lot of demand for technology in order to increase agricultural productivity, water efficiency and recycling, post-harvest treatment, digitisation and making its cities smart. The highlight of the partnership was Israel's supply of artillery shells during the Kargil war in 1999 when India faced a shortage. Israel's Sofer refused to discuss that sector during his meeting with reporters in Jerusalem on Monday: "We have no intention whatsoever, like any other country in the world, of discussing our defense partnership or relationship with any country, including the one that we are talking about now".