Apple releases first iOS 11 beta to everyone


iOS 11 features a ton of improvements for the iPad. However, today the first public beta became available, and anyone interested can download and install it for free.

If this doesn't work out either, the last option would be to not update your device to iOS 11 for the time being. "With iOS 11, iPhone and iPad are the most powerful, personal and intelligent devices they've ever been", they added. To install iOS 11 beta on your iPhone or iPad devices, you need to register on Apple's beta release website and download the new release. It doesn't require a developers account or involve the hassle of registering your device's UDID. You can now add many more of your own shortcuts, from Home controls to a screen recording function and even Apple TV controls.

From there, read and accept Apple's agreement.

The Applications tab will show you the number of apps on your device.

Currently, there are two ways of finding out 32-bit apps on your iOS device. From there, there is a configuration profile that you have to install, and then you will have to reboot your iOS device. And when you most need something, it might not work. While numerous eager Apple fans who wanted to test iOS 11 already installed the developer beta (whether or not they actually have developer accounts), plenty more wisely waited until Apple had a beta that was stable enough for public consumption. Users should then tap on the Download and Install option and select Install Now. In September, your device should automatically update to the final version of iOS 11. Nothing, however, prepared me for iOS 11 on an iPad Pro 10.5. That will make the beta available as an over-the-air software update in the Settings app.

But that is is the point of the beta versions. Just wait for the public release later this year. Because it's an in-development release, the update will come with its share of unknown bugs and issues that could make your iPhone or iPad hard to use. Ideally you should install the beta on a secondary device and keep in mind to back up your device data first.

Can I revert back to iOS 10?

Apple has released the first Public beta of iOS 11 to users. But if you are a fan of testing out beta software and prefer helping out Apple to fix bugs and whatnot, then be my guest.

For those of you without one of Apple's iPads, you'll be pleased to hear that Apple hasn't forgotten about you.

For the eager beavers, trying the crack out themselves with the public beta of iOS 11 could be possible.

The same thing applies to macOS, which is also part of the beta programme.

Apple also has a guide and instructions on how to get the iOS beta installed on your device.