How to Download and Install the New iOS 11 (Beta)


IOS 11 is now in the developer beta mode, and won't be available to all users until the fall, so the feature could be adjusted before it becomes publicly available.

Contrast that with Apple's foray into AR, which also got a dedicated demo during the WWDC keynote.

The new WiFi sharing feature in iOS 11 works like magic.

Creating an archived backup of iOS 10 through iTunes or iCloud is a crucial first step, because it ensures that you can always downgrade back to your regular iOS 10 if the beta version of iOS 11 is not your cup of tea.

The App Review guidelines were updated this week to accommodate App Store policy changes and new rules for usage of frameworks introduced in iOS 11, like MusicKit. For instance, the company is now removing 32-bit app support from iOS 11, stating that older apps will not launch on the new firmware. The company said the screen is also 43 percent brighter than its previous models.

"Dark Mode" would also help people take a look at their devices in places such as the theatre or cinema less intrusive for others.

To make paying friends and family easier and secure, the Apple Pay users will get the option to make payments right inside Messages.

Olson- who was less excited about the new HomePod because of its high sales price- has a buy rating and $158 price target on AAPL (which translates into a 2.64% upside from the current share price). A window will pop up on the already-connected device asking for permission to let the new device join. Apple isn't even making the external hardware needed to turn Macbooks into VR power horses itself, and is instead reselling a third-party product.

360-degree speaker with spatial awareness powered by the Apple A8 chip (earlier used in iPhone 6) which helps speaker identify the kind of room it is in and give the best sound.

Other updates specifically for iPad include drag-and-drop support and an updated Notes app that makes handwritten notes searchable. That's the same price the new 13-inch MacBook Pro will be starting at, too.

Now whatever problem you think you are having with the downloading of the iOS 11 Beta. What are your thoughts on the ARKit support added in iSO 11? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.