Soon, iPhones will block texts while driving


IOS 11 bugs: 3-D Touch no longer brings up the app switcher on the left side of the screen.

With iOS 11, Apple devices will have a universal sync of messages across multiple devices that are connected with a single account. If you come across any bugs, use the Feedback Assistant app to report them. Some existing apps that you already have on your phone may continue to work, but again support will stop so you won't see any new features.

Better start saving if you want one though...

The system will automatically detect when someone is in a auto and will block notifications and texts and stop drivers from opening apps on their phone.

Apple was sued six months ago in relation to a case involving a fatal vehicle crash blamed on a teenage driver using the company's FaceTime video calling app.

As first reported by Forbes the next major iOS update 10.3.2 will render many Apple devices, including the iPhone 5/5C and iPad devices older than the iPadMini 2, useless. And yes, there should be an override in case I'm a passenger or a bus or trains.

There's also improvements to Siri coming, including a male option to make sure we truly stay divided on gender issues.

Now for the question you're all here for: when can you download iOS 11? There are still risks with a public beta, including the possibility that some of your existing apps might not work with the OS yet or that you could lose data, but there's no fee to join. The company also revealed that SteamVR, the VR gaming platform, would soon support Mac format. It's a feature that can be enabled from Settings and added to the new Control Center. Videos are now compressed using high-efficiency video coding, which will deliver same quality videos at half the size. Share extensions made it possible for one third-party app to integrate itself into share sheets system-wide.

Live Photos also gets updated with editable features.

An upgrade to the App Store proved popular with developers at the conference where iOs11 was announced - there's now a New Today section which should drive purchases of apps, plus there are now Games and Apps sections.

iOS 11 will be arriving this fall for all.