Twitter Mocks Trump's Visit to Western Wall in Jerusalem


One of them, Psalm 122, speaks of Jerusalem as a "city that is united together". The site is controversial for its capture, and subsequent annexation, by Israel from Jordan in 1967. He is certain he will come here again, perhaps many times.

He has since said the move was still being looked at.

"He asked about the size of the Western Wall".

Trump spoke in the Middle East on his first foreign trip, saying he would not call those responsible "monsters, because they would like that term".

Trump's visit to Jerusalem has been laden with religious symbolism.

The moment was brief, but it has the Internet talking about what the scenario could have been.

One of the long-standing regional proposals is a Saudi peace initiative that was first put forward in 2002 and has been re-endorsed several times since. Hazan, a politician in Netanyahu's Likud party with a reputation for inappropriate antics, whipped out a cell phone as Israeli dignitaries greeted Trump and took a selfie with the unamused-looking president.

During his election campaign, Trump also advocated breaking with decades of precedent and moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, alarming Palestinians. The two men began their respective statements with condemnations of the apparent suicide bombing in Manchester the night before. In just one journey you will visit the three holiest places for Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The area has been the scene of multiple stabbing attacks by Palestinians targeting Jews over the past couple of years.

Trump and his wife, Melania, were welcomed by Netanyahu, his wife, Sara, and President Rivlin and his wife, Nechama.

In a video, which has now gone viral on social media, Donald is seen trying to reach out and hold Melania's hand, but seconds later the first lady seems to have swatted away her husband's hand.

The White House immediately denied the Washington Post report, until Trump tweeted the next day that he had an "absolute right" to share information he deems fit as president.

Trump gave Netanyahu the same warning he gave Saudi King Salman, that Iran can not be allowed nuclear capabilities and its aggression must not go unchecked.

As well as the concessions, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Security Cabinet - a forum of senior ministers - voted to establish a committee to examine legalizing outposts built without formal approval in the occupied West Bank. He reiterated the Palestinians' demands, including establishing a capital in East Jerusalem, territory Israel claims as well, insisting that "our problem is not with the Jewish religion, it's with the occupation and settlements, and with Israel not recognizing the state of Palestine".