McCain: Talk of impeaching Trump not 'rational'


"The more the Russians get involved in this, the worse it is", says Rajan Menon, an global relations expert with City College of NY.

After associates of former James Comey leaked a memo - which allegedly revealed President Trump pressuring the then-FBI director to kill the Michael Flynn investigation - to the New York Times yesterday, a shift in tone has taken place.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.): "Congress must obtain any notes of meetings with @POTUS and Comey, and Director Comey should be brought back to testify without delay". The president also said he supports a full investigation into Russian interference in the US election past year, saying he wants the probe to be done "absolutely properly".

In an animated interview in the Speaker's lobby Friday afternoon, Rep. Mike Coffman, a Republican from Colorado who will face a tough re-election in a swing district in 2018, described what he believed was "chaos" at the White House, saying the week had "started off horribly" and been "incredibly stressful". Most of my clients are in the USA, it's a new company, they can run it into the ground if they want know how these things work. "So yeah, I think you could support that Congress provides some executive oversight in this case".

But the backdrop that can upset the trip will be the endless stream of revelations that have plagued his administration since the day in January when he was sworn in. "It's wasted breath - I don't think the American population realizes how hard it is to successfully impeach a president". Republicans in the Utah Legislature want Herbert to call a special session so they can pass a law codifying how such an election would proceed, the Deseret News reported. "I hope you can let this go". Yet they are urging steps that could get this resolved sooner rather than later. The Wisconsin Republican says Congress will want to know if Trump asked Comey to end the probe, "why didn't he take action at the time".

The surest sign that the bottom is falling out from under Trump was a Wall Street Journal editorial that declared flatly: "Presidencies can withstand only so much turbulence before they come apart".

"People voted for him because they were sick and exhausted of politicians and political speak", said Rep. James Comer, who described the president as very popular in Comer's home congressional district in Kentucky.

"I said to myself ... this Russian Federation thing with Trump and Russian Federation is a made-up story, it's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won", he said.

Ladbrokes says it's now even money that Trump serves his full first term, and the payout is even worse for odds that Trump is not reelected, at 2/7.

Ryan told reporters and members of his conference that he wanted to have the facts before judging the memo.

"That means before rushing to judgment we get all the pertinent information", Ryan said.

One Republican lawmaker ducking cameras outside the meeting resorted to just that one word. After angry town halls, those two votes that put the House bill over the top might evaporate. To do that, he said, "we need to hear from Director Comey".

Facts also were on the minds of House Democrats and their strategy of calling for an in-depth investigation. And we have no idea how much that would change, even if the president's party turned on him in the midst of an impeachment.

Both Trump and Nixon tried to steer public attention away from their respective scandals, both attacked the press - and specifically the Washington Post (is there an award for getting banned from two Administrations?) - and both insisted that investigation into their administration amounted to a witch hunt.

A growing number of Democrats have called for Trump's impeachment in the days following Comey's dismissal. Today, Republicans are the majority party in both the House and Senate. Others include efforts to revamp the tax code, slash domestic spending and bolster defense spending.